Summer courgette and herbs caviar (new season!)

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Fresh, yet comforting. Slowly cooked, caramelised courgettes with either wild garlic or mint or parsley and a glug of Oliveology's best olive oil.

NB: this is not the traditional Russian style courgette caviar (dark in colour and quite tart) - this is much lighter and more savoury.

So good alongside our Cheat Khachapurki or Beetroot and Feta Katletki, with some toasted Lithuanian scalded rye.

How much in a portion?

About 230gr,. 

How to store: in the fridge for 3 days.

How to eat: 

At room temperature is best.

    Ingredients: courgettes, olive oil, wild garlic and/or garlic, salt, fresh herbs, pepper.

    Allergens: (for our allergen description please see our policy).