Zephyr 'Herbal Garden' collection (hand-made marshmallows)

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Introducing a new collection of marshmallows, inspired by garden parties and spring aromas.  

These are the lightest and fluffiest marshmallows you'll ever meet. Made in London by Alya, who makes all these beauties by hand, using only natural ingredients. Real fruit, filtered water, sugar.

If you've never tried the zephyr from the New East, you're in for a treat.


9 pieces in a box.  


Blueberry and Lavender Zephyr

A light aroma of flowers of this Zephyr reminds you about sublime pleasures of summer and the atmosphere of French Provence. You almost feel like you are stuffing your face full of ripe, juicy berries.  We use the infusion of lavender flowers and the best organic juicy blueberries we can find.

Mint  and Chocolate Zephyr

This Zephyr is the Rock and Roll of the Zephyr world. Refreshing taste of mint and sweetness of organic Kentish apples are complimented with velvety and indulgent taste of high quality Belgium dark chocolate– no artificial flavours!

Cranberry and Rosemary

Full of vitamins and goodness cranberry creates a perfect balance of taste of this Zephyr. A light veil of rosemary flavour underlines  bright and distinctive taste of cranberry.


About the maker:

Alya was born in Uzbekistan when it was part of the Soviet Union. She says:

"My birthplace was a food paradise with its long tradition of middle eastern food!

I still remember fantastic markets which used to make me dizzy because of their amazing colours, smells and tastes. The part of the market where old ladies (at least I thought they were old!!)) were selling sweets was a heaven on earth and I used to enter it with trepidation and excitement… Those “sweet ladies” were walking encyclopaedias of delights recipes passed from generation to generation"...

How to store: in the fridge in a closed container for up to 10 days. 

Ingredients: fruit puree, agar agar, egg white, sugar, filtered water. 

Allergens: 4 (for allergen description please see our policy).