Kraut from The Fermentary: live, raw, unpasteurised. Kapustka!

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Live fermented.  Handcrafted in small batches.  Raw and unpasteurised.

The Mustard Kraut variety is simple yet the best representation of European Lacto fermented foods. Clean and crisp white cabbage with mustard seeds goes well with almost anything.

460 gr.

About the Producer:

From our kitchen neighbours The London Fermentary, a fermentation specialist making probiotic food and beverages that are healthy, delicious and beautiful. The owner, Elena, has Russian roots (unsurprisingly, perhaps!)


Mustard: cabbage, mustard seeds, sea salt.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Keep Refrigerated.  See lid for Best Before date.  Best Before dates are a guide for best quality, however the product is a live preserve and should last for longer if stored and maintained properly.  When storing the product it is best to keep the contents pressed down in the jar to allow the brine to cover the product.  This simple step will help to keep the product fresh for longer.