Chetergovaya (black) salt - ancient recipe

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This is a very old, Slavic recipe - also called 'Thursday salt' because it was traditionally made once a year, on a Thursday before Easter. Russians then continued eating this salt throughout the year for its healthful properties (the charring of the bread acts as a detoxifier, in as much the same way as activated charcoal, so fashionable these days).

So delicious too - we made our salt with Karaway's Borodinsky bread, so the salt is very aromatic because of the coriander seed present in the bread.

Sprinkle on a boiled egg, drunk your raw veggies into it or add a pinch onto a slice of bread with butter. 


A little gift bag  contains 50 gr of salt.

Ingredients: Ukrainian 'stone' salt; Borodinsky bread (Rye flour 53% (Gluten), Water, Wheat flour (Gluten), Sugar, Coriander seeds 6%, Fresh Yeast, Salt, Rye malt (Gluten), Malt extract (Barley, Wheat) (Gluten), 

Allergens: 2 (for allergen descriptions please see our policy).