Home-made tvorog (fresh curd cheese) - coming very soon.

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First ever London-made tvorog*. 

We have been working with Bill from Kappacasein Dairy, an experienced cheese maker based in Bermondsey, who's become our good friend, to make the tvorog specifically for us, just as we remember it from back home: naturally sweet (no sugar or sweetener), with a tiny bit of tang, silky. We are so pleased with the results.

This tvorog doesn't have a long shelf life: no preservatives, no salt, no tinkering with packaging. Just pure, creamy joy.

Bill uses raw organic, cow's milk that he buys from Bore Place in Chiddingstone, Kent.

We have been missing really good and fresh tvorog in London. Not transported from hundreds of miles away. 

'Ricotta of Eastern Europe'.

* sure thing a few rare people make tvorog in their kitchens, but this is the first one made for public as far as we know!:)

Allergens: 7 (for allergen description please see our policy).