Legendary cake "Prague"

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They say this iconic cake was born in the kitchens of famous Moscow restaurant 'Praga' during Soviet times. Much esteemed by the higher echelons, the cake is still now much loved (by the rest of us, mere mortals!) across the whole of the 'New East'.

Moist layers of chocolate, apricot jam, condensed milk and a splash of Cognac, this is a grown up and elegant cake. Normally comes with a glazed top, but please email us if you'd like a decoration (for a few extra pounds).


The cakes are made for us by our Russian-born patisserie maker, who is quite obsessed with the quality of the ingredients (she's spent 6 months looking for the 'right' honey!).

23cm diameter, height 8cm approx. 12-16 slices. 

Ingredients: eggs, flour, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, condensed milk, glucose syrup, apricot jam, cognac, dark chocolate Callebaut 54%.

Allergens: 2, 4, 7 (for allergen description please see our policy).