Oreshki (little 'walnuts') cookies with condensed milk

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The stuff of childhood dreams: buttery, crumbly cookies filled with condensed milk. 

(please note this is a slightly sweeter version compared to the one we had until mid May. very moorish!)

Best friends with our grassy, dark (but caffeine free) Ivan Chai from Estonia.

"Addictive" - a recent comment from one customer.  

The oreshki are made for us by lovely Hanna, a Ukrainian woman living in East London, using her three-generation family recipe.

The shells of cookies are stove-baked in a vintage cookie mould ‘oreshnitsa’ - a rarity these days - that brings sweet childhood memories to many of us. Oreshki are filled with luxurious creamy condensed milk to create that addictive experience!

Nore: currently we sell slightly smaller packs of 12 oreshki in a pack.


Eggs, salt, sugar, baking powder (sodium carbonates), vinegar (from barley), butter (from milk), wheat flour (calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamine, calcium phosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), caramelised concentrated milk.

Allergen advice: 2,4,7 (for allergen description please see our policy).