The Pelmeni meal for 6

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Enjoy a delicious and easy Friday night with friends (or kids!) this our Pelmeni and Zakuski meal -  only £10.25pp.

The set consists of:

* our juicy, meaty pelmeni (classic beef and pork mix, 6 portions). Cooks from frozen in 5 mins.

We use organic flour from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire. The meat is from the legendary The Butchery, who only sell native, free-range meat from smaller farms in Britain.

* 'Korean' spicy carrot salad

* EITHER Herring in furs (x 2 tubs) OR The ultimate Russian salad with chicken (1 kg) OR both

* Caramelised rye bread ice-cream (3 tubs)


What else? We'd definitely suggest to get some of this organic smetana and good black bread.


For ingredients and allergens, please see each dish above.