Truffle Pelmeni

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For a brief season only we are making pelmeni filled with buttery potatoes, caramelised onions - and this magical truffle paste from Terfezia*.

We are hand-shaping these dumplings this week. Next level! 

Enjoy these pelmeni with this organic smetana, and/or lots of butter and some black pepper.


* Terfezia is a London based starter-up that specialises in sourcing some of the best truffles around the globe. Unlike many other truffle pastes, this mixture has truffle from Italy, porcini, cultivated mushrooms, sunflower seed oil - and nothing else.


4 portions in a pack (apprx 42-48 pelmeni depending on their size).


Ingredients: flour (wheat), potatoes, butter, mushrooms, onions, sunflower oil, truffle paste, eggs, salt, water.

Sold frozen and to be cooked from frozen.

Allergens: 2,4 (for allergen description please see our policy).