Pies and stories from Ossetian mountains

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Tuesday, 26 October, 1800-2000 @ Queen's Wood Cafe 
(Book but come anytime between these hours).

Ossetia is a fascinating region in the Caucasus mountains, southern Russia - breathtakingly beautiful, with a contested history. Ossetian pies - pillowy flat breads, stuffed and baked in very hot ovens - are legendary across the whole of the 'New East'. 

Join us for an evening with Zarina and Soslan Salamov of Salanti Pies, who are now reviving this old tradition here in England. Enjoy a feast of Ossetian pies and the region's stories. Rosehip + Rye will also serve some of our dishes.

Welcoming drink

Ossetian pies:
Tsakharadjin Pie.
Creamy feta-like cheese, thinly chopped beetroot tops (or chard).
Amondjin Pie.
The Ossetian word “Amond” translates as “Happiness”. The golden sauteed cabbage contributes beautifully to the flavour of the beef bringing out all its deeper richness. 
Nasdjin Pie.
Nasdjin is a sweet succulent pie generously stuffed with butternut squash complemented by traditional spices and golden onion. 
Kadinsdjin Pie.
A marriage between cheese and finely chopped leaves of fresh spring onion. 
Fatkudjin Pie - sweet.
Green apples work fantastically well with cinnamon and sugar. 


Savoury zakuski (side dishes from Rosehip + Rye)

Badrijani, Georgian aubergine rolls
Our amazing green salad


What to expect during the evening:

This is an informal evening with plenty of food!

Arrive any time between 6 and 8pm, enjoy a drink, the various pies and nibbles whilst listening to Zarina and Soslan's stories. A nibbling, standing up or down kind of evening.

There'll be drinks available for purchase at the bar and, of course, more pies.

Breath, relax and smile...

About Salanti Pies:

Soslan and Zarina Salamov have been dreaming for many years to bring the taste of their home region of Ossetia to the UK. Based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Salanti offer 10 varieties of Ossetian pies, all baked completely from scratch, using locally grown ingredients. They deliver in South Bucks but now expanding across London too.

At our Queen's Wood Cafe Pop-up:
Queens Wood Cafe Lodge
42 Muswell Hill Road
London, N10 3JP
Nearest tube - Highgate.