Rye, hazelnuts and magic Kama granola

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This super nutty granola made with organic rye flour, oats, hazelnuts - which we roast ourselves - and Kama* that we bring directly from Estonia.

Eat for your brekki with milk or (we recommend!) use it for a quick and good for you dessert: mix with cream fraiche and some Lithuanian linden honey.

* Kama is a unique, very traditional product, quite unique to Estonia and Finland (although it has its simblings in some other parts of Eastern Europe) - rye, barley and pea flour are mixed resulting in a super healthy and surprisingly nutty blend.

In Estonia, where Katya is from, it's very popular eaten for breakfast with kefir or yoghurt


The pack has 400gr.

Ingredients: organic oats, organic wholemeal rye flour, roasted hazelnuts, Estonian Kama (mix of rye grain, barley and peas), butter, brown sugar.

Allergens: 2,4,7 (for allergen description please see our policy).