Baltic salmon and beetroot rye pie

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This beautiful open pie decorated with poppy seeds is inspired by Katya's recent travels to Estonia, her home-land.

Crumbly pastry made with rye flour encasing delicate poached salmon, potatoes, roasted beetroot, sour cream and cream. 

Think open Kulebyaka pie! 

One pie yields generous 6 slices.



pie: flour (wheat and whole rye), butter, salt, salmon, potatoes, beetroot, a little sugar or honey, onions (roasted), sour cream, single cream, lemon zest, dill, egg (wash).

mayonnaise: sunflower oil, eggs (raw, Lion Egg stamped), white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt.

Allergens: 2, 4,5, 7 (for allergen description please see our policy).