Greek honey: raw, unpasteurised

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We have two types of honey from our friends at Oliveology:

1. Wild flowers.

This is a medium-sweet honey with almost a caramel flavour, made from a mix of wild mountain flowers. 

2. Wild thyme. 

This is probably the most classic Greek honey. Its intense, aromatic flavour lends beautifully to a bowl of yoghurt or a hot toast (or drizzle over bacon in the morning!).

Supplied to us by Oliveology - a wonderful company run by Marianna, who's originally from Crete, and her husband Ben.

Harvest: July 2019
Best before date: June 2021
Origin: Taygetus mountains, Greece
Polyfloral nectar honey from mixed wild flowers
Unfiltered/ unpasteurised raw honey

250 ml pot.