Rye season

2 - 15 November 2020

Join us in celebration of the underappreciated wonders of rye.

Rye is the soul food for us, the people from the ‘New East’. But in this country rye remains little known.

Together with Karaway bakery and Real Bread Campaign we are calling for rye to be given much needed love!

For this fortnight enjoy many dishes with rye flour and those that go well with rye bread.

Each week we will be releasing new dishes with rye.
What's special about rye?

Low in gluten, rich in fibre, climate resilient and delicious, rye is set to become the crop of the future.


Do you have a recipe with rye that is dear to your heart?

Help to spread the Rye Love by posting your memories and creations by tagging #RyeLove

Katya + Karina xx