Russian feast: of sinful pies and Chekhov's cherries

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Come to our cafe!

We continue with our Dacha Residency!

Every Tuesday at Queens Wood Cafe, 10.00 - 16.00.

With regular evening pop-up dinners.

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" Truly the food that feeds the soul.

“I have always loved RR food, but it is during difficult times that one realises how much one is missing the comforting taste of home.

Prepared with love using high quality ingredients. Great taste of home-cooking. I can’t thank them enough "


Tatyana Pyatigorskaya, May 2020.

" Both orders have been brilliant, really good quality food and a great selection to choose from. We will definitely be using you again!"

Stephen Head, July 2020.

Better than most pelmeni I've tried in Russia. Real depth of flavour "

Sebastian F, April 2020.

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