About Us

RR began in 201​2​ with a (modest!) aim to revolutionise the image of Eastern-European food in the UK. Despite the thousands of nashi (‘our’, from the former Soviet Union) people living in London, very little was and is still known about our food cultures.​

What started out as a hobby, over the years grew into a catering and event business. We set out to research and update the food of our roots, ​but do it by tapping into the wonderful produce of this country. ​Our climates are often so similar, after all.​ 

​Rosehip and rye are well familiar to us in the 'New East'.

We grew up drinking rosehip tea, eating rye bread. But these two plants are also widely grown in Britain. ​Connecting the cultures and traditions of the two lands is what inspires us. 

We always say that food never feeds the belly alone.

Karina Baldry is a Muscovite and author of ‘Russia on a Plate’. Her summers were spent in the Caucasus where she discovered flavours and herbs of the south. They became essential in her cooking.

Katrina (Katya) Kollegaeva is a food writer (Guardian, FT, Time Out restaurant reviewer 2009-2012) and sustainable food specialist with a background in food anthropology. She grew up in Estonia to a Crimean dad and a Ukrainian mother.