R+R Clubchik: benefits, boogie and bling.

Welcome to R + R Club - chik: a community of our customers.

Join our club-chik to receive benefits, special news and ... discounts*:

Orders 2 times a month? - get 7% discount.

Order 3 times a month and more? - get 10%.

How does the R+R club-chik work?

1. Make sure you continue to be subscribed to our newsletter.

2. Order 2 and more times a month.

3. At the end of each month we will email everyone who's bought from us regularly with your discount code, which you'll be able to use at the purchase. 

Thank you for your loyal customer.


Katya + Karina


* the lovely little print: a minimum order is £45 plus the usual delivery fee. the discount can only be used once a month.