Russian feast: of sinful pies and Chekhov's cherries

For one night and one night only, come to our dacha house at dusk. Hidden in the Highgate woods next to a wild garden, you'll enjoy a 5-course Russian feast inspired by Chekhov’s writing. You'll immerse yourself into the world of Russian gentry, gluttonous characters and beautiful (if at times a little raucous) words.

Sshhh, you might just find yourself sitting next a Chekhov character. Oh, he’ll sparkle with vodka toasts and philosophise about that famous Russian soul... There will be some theatrical, gently immersive elements to the dinner. Be prepared to be entertained.

“The kulebyaka pie should be appetising, shameless in its nakedness, a temptation to sin” wrote Anton Chekhov in 1887 in 'Siren', a short story and an ode to the exuberance of Russian food. Chekhov is said to be the most staged playwright in the world, even more so than Shakespeare! His writing breams with references to food – exquisite and laugh-out-loud witty.