Gooey cheesy puffs (‘Cheat khachapurki') 8 pcs

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Flaky puff pastry with a gooey, cheesy centre. 

Inspired by the traditional Georgian dish of Khachapuri. Here we use a mixture of cheeses, to create the savoury and slightly tangy flavour, reminiscent of the Georgian Suluguni cheese.

Size: 8 standard buns in the pack or 20 small, canape size.

How to store: in the fridge for up to 3 days. do not freeze.

How to serve: warm up in the oven (180 conventional or 160 fan-assisted) for 5 mins or in a microwave for just 20-30 secs.

Ingredients: puff pastry (wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), margarine, water, wheat gluten, concentrated lemon juice, sugar, preservative (potassium sorbate), colour (beta-carotene), Cheddar cheese, Mozzarella, Feta, cream cheese with garlic and chives, sour cream, egg, milk.

Allergens: gluten, dairy, egg.