The ultimate honey cake

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Our honey cake is made with the classic crème pâtissière and finely chopped toasted walnuts by our Russian-born patisserie maker.

Natalya is quite obsessed with the quality of the ingredients (she's spent 6 months looking for the 'right' honey!). We use proper honey from Lithuania (no sugar or caramel substitutes here!), flour, butter, eggs, sugar. Simple and sublime.

We recommend with walnuts (but you can omit! please email us).

As a rule the decoration is simple (with this ice-sugar honey comb pattern), but please email us if you'd like something a bit more special

Ingredients: sugar, eggs, butter, honey, all purpose flower, vanilla paste, baking soda.

Allergens: 2,4,7,10 (for the option with walnuts) (for allergen description please see our policy).