The iconic Kiev cake (finally!)

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NB: our cakes are not always available (if we get this busy!). we will get in touch if this is the case to discuss the options.

One of the most famous cakes from the 'New East' - made with meringue, roasted cashew nuts and dark chocolate. This combination of textures and grown-up flavours is, frankly, addictive.

The decoration is of chestnut flowers - the tradition going back to the meticulous soviet GOST standards.

The cake comes with two types of buttercream - Charlotte and chocolate. The latter is made with proper Belgian chocolate (and not cocoa powder!).

Size: 8 inches - will easily serve 12-14 people.

Ingredients:  flour, sugar, eggs, hazelnut, cashews, butter, milk, vanilla, cocoa powder, cognac.

Allergens: 2,4,7,10 (for allergen description please see our policy).