Okroshka (ice-cold beetroot and kefir soup)

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The Gapacho of the North.

Soups to Russians is like a good Sunday roast to Brits – part of our cultural dna. Mothers tell their offspring that without the soup they won’t grow healthy and strong! 

We make our Okroshka (from a Russian verb kroshyt’, or chop finely) with organic kefir from Biotiful Dairy - without potatoes but with lots of lovely, pureed beetroot, horseradish, Dijon mustard and herbs. 

* Our Okroshka was the star of the menu we served at the Oxford Food Symposium - to the hundreds of chefs and food journalists from across the world. They really liked it. 


The tub is 400ml (2-3 portions).

 Allergens: 4,7,9 (for allergen descriptions please see our policy).