Olivye salad (that Russian salad)

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That Russian salad that has conquered the world - and is known as Olivye salad in Russia itself.

We make ours by chopping all the veg finely, with a little addition of apple (makes a lot of difference.

Eat very cold with Borodinsky bread and other zakuski, such as Herring in furs and (Welsh!) thinly sliced salo

How many portions?

Medium: 0.5 kg or 2-3 portions

Large: 1 kg or 4-6 portions

How to store:

In the fridge, for 2 days after the pack has arrived.

Ingredients: potato, carrot, egg, kvashennyj cucumber, canned peas, apple, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, parsley

Allergens: 4,7,9 (for allergen descriptions please see our policy).