Pilau baked rice with barberries and olive oil 4-6 ppl

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Inspired by the iconic Uzbeki Plov rice, our Pilau is filled with confit garlic, naturally sweet carrots, lightly fried in olive oil with spices and barberries - sweet and sour dried berries also known as sumac!

This rice can be enjoyed as a dish on its own, but can also be a side dish to our Chicken Chachochbili or other mains.

The rice is baked in the oven at a high temperature, resulting in a fluffy and savoury rice! Note, the dish has a good amount of olive oil.

Size: apprx 900 gr, which will feed 4-6 people.

How to warm up: you can re-heat in the same foil tin, in which you receive the dish. Just take off the lid and cover with a sheet of foil. Put in the pre-heated oven at 180C (or 160C fan assisted) for 15-20 mins until pipping hot.

How to store: transfer into a clean container with a lid and store for up to 3 days. do not freeze.

Ingredients: basmati rice, carrots, barberries (dried), garlic, olive oil, spice mix, salt.

Allergens: none.