Baltic cheese cake with rhubarb 9-12 slices

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This airy bake is somewhere between a cheesecake and a crumble with a fruit layer in between. There are versions of this cake across the whole of Eastern-Europe, and ours comes from Estonia.

The cake is a fitting finale to your garden party or with Ivan chai in the afternoon. 

The recipe (and the pic) is from our dear friend Pille of Nami-Nami, a very popular Estonian food blog. 

Size: 9 good size slices or 12 smaller if served after a big meal.

How to store: In the fridge for up to 5 days. do not freeze.

How to eat: At room temperature is best - take out of the fridge 1-2 hours before you want to enjoy it.

Or you can heat up in the oven (180C or 160C fan-assisted) for 10 mins. 

Ingredients: Organic flour, caster sugar, butter, eggs, tvorog (curd cheese), rhubarb, cinnamon, baking powder. 

Allergens: gluten, eggs, milk.