Syrnichki (cheese cakes)

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Breakfast of the little (and big!) champions. 

We make our syrnichki from very smooth Polish tvorog (curd cheese), with just a little bit of sugar and a tiiiiny amount of flour. 

Choose between the classic, unadulterated version OR with Greek Corinth raisins from Oliveology, which have been soaked in brandy.

Note: the texture of our syrnichki is very light, almost like a cheesecake (and less like the traditional syrnichki, which are often more grainy syrnichki)

 10 syrnichki in a pack.


* Buy as part of our sweet breakfast combo too.

" These syrnichki are a gift of a relaxed morning (for the whole family!) "

" A сырники дарят расслабленное утро:)! " - Natalia, one of our regular customers, June 2020. 

Ingredients: tvorog, flour (wheat), sugar, salt, egg.

Allergens: 2,4,7 (for allergen description please see our policy).