Tender cabbage rolls with beef and rice (Ukrainian 'Golubtsy')

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Delicate cabbage leaves, filled with beef, rice, aromatic spices and cooked sloooooowly with smetana (sour cream) and tomatoes. 

The ultimate comfort dish from Valentyna - our lovely cook from Krivoy Rog in Central Ukraine.

Did you know? Golubtsy means 'little doves' in Russian and Ukrainian.

Size: 16 pieces: for 4 people as a main course or 8 people, if served with other dishes.

How to warm up: in the foil tin, in which you receive the dish. Cover it with another sheet of foil and put in the pre-heated 180C oven (160C fan-assisted) for 20-30 mins until pipping hot. 

How to store: in the fridge for 4-5 days. do not freeze.

Ingredients: beef mince, rice, basmati, pepper black ground, cumin ground, salt, oil sunflower, tap water, onion, carrots, apple, podlivka (sauce): onion, carrots, garlic, sour cream, tomato paste, oil sunflower, water, salt, pepper black ground, parsley.

Allergens: milk.