Finger food sets (to share)

Gathering friends or family? Go for these seasonal, easy-to-share platters.

We will deliver and assemble - ready for you to enjoy (so, no need for cutlery!)


How it works?

We deliver on the agreed day (see delivery info), unpack, assemble on your platters and decorate the dishes; we tidy up after ourselves and leave you to enjoy the evening. So, all in all we will stay at your house for 30-60 minutes. 

Want to mix and match the platters?

Sure. Just email us your selection (5 dishes per set).

How much food do I need?

The nibbles on these platters are the size of zakuski: so bigger than a canape, 3-4 bite size.

One platter is an equivalent to a light meal, sufficient if you have drinks for about one hour. 

Eg for a party of 12 lasting 4 hours we suggest: 2 platters plus 4-5 options from our zakuski omeat/fish (and a cake to round upl!)

Need extra help with service/washing up/drinks?

No problem. We have a trusted team of people ready to help. Get in touch to discuss. 

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